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Amazing CleanTech Videos

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This section contains videos of amazing clean technologies that are either in development or newly developed.  The tech videos presented here were chosen because they represent outstanding achievements that reshape our view of our cleantech options available today or in the very near future. These technologies improve on traditional choices by saving energy. They also allow the user to maintain a high level of technological functioning in transportation, energy, agriculture, water purification or transport, and building/design. These videos are informative for entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, environmentalists, policy makers, manufacturers, designers and science buffs.

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  1. The Wavebob: Making Offshore Drilling a Nightmare of the Past
  2. Bloom Energy and the Bloom Box Fuel Cell
  3. The Pentagon Commits to Biofuels With Action
  4. Enn of China Converts Algae to biofuel
  5. RESTEC Mark10 Water Pumping Windmill
  6. Ocean Energy Technology
  7. Electric Car Charging Station
  8. Dean Kamen’s Slingshot Water Purifier
  9. Solar Fueled Plane
  10. Earthrace Boat Travels World on Biofuel
  11. Green Roof & Storm Water Management
  12. Vinod Khosla Speaks

Cleantech is a term commonly used to describe knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Its origin is the increased consumer, regulatory and industry interest in clean forms of energy generation—specifically, perhaps, the rise in awareness of global warming and the impact on the natural environment from the burning of fossil fuels. The term cleantech is often associated with venture capital funds.

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Annual Cleantech Investment in North America, Europe, Israel, China, & India
Year Investment ($mil)
2001 506.8
2002 883.2
2003 1,258.6
2004 1,398.3
2005 2,077.5
2006 4,520.2
2007 6,087.2
2008* 8,414.3
*2008 data preliminary
Source: Cleantech Group [1]

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