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Ocean Energy Technology

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The annual market size for ocean energy in the next six years will total $500 million, with installed capacity growing from less than 10MW today to about 1GW during the same period. However, ocean energy remains largely uncharted compared to the progress made on other renewable energy fronts. (Suggested by recent report completed by Greentech Media & the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development)

Is ocean energy the next wave?

The following was originally Published at: The MIT Energy Technology Review

The Florida Atlantic University Center for Ocean Energy Technology (COET) is developing technologies to harness ocean energy. COET is also working on the support systems that will make adoption of the technology more possible, including issues related to permitting and policy development, education and workforce development, public outreach, standards development and economic analysis.

The Center for Ocean Energy Technology is serving as a catalyst for establishing the infrastructure to develop and deploy commercially viable ocean current–based energy systems to assist both Florida and the nation in addressing the energy crisis.With its proximity to the Gulf Stream, which flows at a rate of more than 8 billion gallons per minute and whose harnessed power could provide up to a third of Florida’s energy needs, COET is working with local resources to fabricate and deploy a small prototype turbine and health monitoring/diagnostic system.

“At this time, no commercially meaningful amounts of electricity are being produced through the use of open-ocean currents anywhere in the world,” says COET Executive Director Susan Skemp. “

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