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Bolton Hillcard1 Halima “Hali” Aquino, Founder & Chief Strategist

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As Chief Strategist of Bolton Hill Consulting and CleanTech MarketMaker (TM), Halima “Hali” Aquino helps entrepreneurs in cleantech to effectively grow and position their companies through creative marketing, strategic planning, communications and collaborative partnership strategies. She can help larger corporations find the technologies and smaller companies they need to grow their portfolios in clean technology.

Hali is a finder and producer with a social research background. She is uniquely positioned to help you forge creative and strategic partnerships in clean technology.

1. She builds bridges between industry, education and government leaders through creative marketing and communications strategies.

2. She produces key opinion leader driven events for the scientific, technology and venture capital communities from concept through implementation.

3. She helps CEOs to strategically build their advisory & implementation teams and meet their partnership, funding and branding goals.

Hali is a Director with the MIT Enterprise Forum of DC & Maryland. She participates on Program Planning Committee for MDBio and is a member of the Greater Baltimore Technology Council and the Technology Council of Maryland.

Hali has 15 yrs experience working with C-Level executives in the scientific community. She has trained leaders in group facilitation, interviewing and public speaking. She has conducted strategic planning and promotes corporate team building across technology industries and within government settings. Hali has formal training in psychology research (MA-ABD), technology transfer, radio news broadcasting, international relations and French.

She can be reached at

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  1. You’re off to a good start.


  2. Thanks for this posting, Halima. You offered a number of useful insights for tech companies (like mine) to survive in this tough environment. Keep it up!

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