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We Are A Conduit Between Leading Forces in Clean Technology.

…because we believe that the earth’s resources require protection, preservation and creative extension to meet the growing needs of an expanding population in a tech driven world.

We build, brand and develop cross-industry cooperation in 5 “Cleantech” sectors worldwide, namely:

1) Transportation

2) Energy Production, Distribution, Tracking & Conservation

3) Water Purification, Transportation & Conservation

4) Agriculture

5) Building Trades & Materials

Your leadership, vision and innovative technology are your most attractive assets…

We  creatively promote them so you can build effective teams and partnership strategies in cleantech.

You are a social entrepreneur. Your success changes the playing field for everyone involved. Your expertise, the technology you use and the solutions you achieve are the focus of creative communication strategies to a loyal and growing audience.

Your company and its leadership broadcasts an image every time it pulls the team together, plans events or makes public appearances. Let us fine tune your high profile scientific and industry speaking events so you can attract, educate and meet your specialized audience in a suitable environment.

Our Simple & Effective CleanTech Events & Communications Strategy

  • You know your objective – We fine tune it with you.
  • We help you develop a theme and agenda to meet your objectives.
  • We help you attract and engage your target audience.
  • We use state of the art communications technology throughout the process.

    Everywhere you turn, something is being called “clean”, “green”, “sustainable” and “environmentally friendly”. These buzz words invoke an association between a person, project, movement or brand and a compassionate awareness of earth’s limited natural resources. These terms are used interchangeably, depending on the forum. Beyond this, each entity may have their own unique interpretation & use.

    Bolton Hill Consulting uses these terms (“Clean”, “Green” & “Sustainable”) in combination with the word “technology” or “tech”. We refer to “CleanTech” “GreenTech” and “Sustainable Technologies”. In combination, these words indicate that: The earth’s resources require protection, preservation and creative extension to meet the growing needs of an expanding population in a tech driven world.

    According to the CleanTech Group, this combination of words- specifically “Cleantech” refers to scientific innovation that improves operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution.

    Vinod Khosla, a futurist, investor, inventor and pioneer in many technology areas has suggested that the proper term should be“Maintech”. This term suggests that technological innovation that is clean, green or sustainable should be incorporated into mainstream use and not relegated to a special and separate area of consideration. Bolton Hill Consulting agrees with this assessment whether or not the actual term “Maintech” is used.

    The term CleanTech is often associated with venture capital funds. The CleanTech Group has tracked venture capital investment in these areas as follows.

    Annual Cleantech Investment in North America, Europe, Israel, China, & India

    Year Investment ($mil)
    2001 506.8
    2002 883.2
    2003 1,258.6
    2004 1,398.3
    2005 2,077.5
    2006 4,520.2
    2007 6,087.2
    2008* 8,414.3
    *2008 data preliminary
    Source: Cleantech Group [1]

    Preliminary 2009 data indicates that this area of concentration is rich and growing due to a combination of scientific innovation, technology transfer, government incentives and private corporate investments.

    In 2008, the Cleantech Group forecasted 2009’s energy efficiency boom. In 2009, it predicted Energy Efficiency investment in 2010 would eclipse that in Solar (see 10 Predictions for 2010).

    Top Venture Capital Clean Technology Sectors in 2009
    Technology Sector Amount Invested % of total

  • Solar $1.2 billion 21%
  • Transportation (including electric vehicles, advanced batteries, fuel cells) $1.1 billion 20%
  • Energy Efficiency $1.0 billion 18%
  • Biofuels $554 million 10%
  • Smart Grid $414 million 7%
  • Water $117 million 2%

  • Source: Cleantech Group (

    Leading clean technology investors in 2009, as measured by the number of disclosed financing rounds the fund participated in, were:

    Full-Year 2009 Top Five Most Active Clean Technology Venture Funds
    Venture Capital Firm # of rounds

  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 19
  • SAIL Venture Partners 15
  • RockPort Capital Partners 14
  • Khosla Ventures 12
  • Element Partners 11
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson 11

  • Source: Cleantech Group (

    GLOBAL M&As and IPOs:
    For full-year 2009, there were an estimated 505 clean technology M&A transactions, totaling $31.8 billion. In 2008, there were fewer transactions (394), but a higher total transaction value ($32.7 billion). The final total for 2009 is expected to be ahead of 2008 once all deals have been reported, which would make it a record year for M&A transaction value.

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