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Best Green Blogs Directory

In Environment on July 29, 2009 at 11:54 am

Best Green Blogs is the directory for environment and sustainability blogs. It features many different weblogs from all over the world that focus on a wide variety of green and sustainability issues, people, things, places and ideas.

Whether people are discussing cleantech in the UK, global warming issues in Italy or sustainable agriculture in China, you are apt to find it here. They feature eco-themed blogs from around the world along with detailed info about each blog as well.

This site lists the global  blogs by topic which can be location specific (a country/region) or topic related (technology, green living, political efforts on protecting the environment, etc.). Some blogs are commercial but many are written by impassioned writers on the current topics affecting global warming and ways to mitigate the damage caused by a large and growing global carbon footprint.

The site is beautiful and contains snapshots of the weblogs listed. Some blogs receive special mention and are featured on the front page. Take a look and become better informed about what people are saying on these timely topics.

To read more about what the site is all about, click here. via Add A Blog « Best Green Blogs Directory.