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Soros Throws $1B into Cleantech

In Technology on October 11, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Soros Throws $1B into Cleantech · Environmental Leader · Green Business, Sustainable Business, and Green Strategy News for Corporate Sustainability Executives.

He also is creating a new organization to influence policy makers on the environment, reports Bloomberg.

Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC, which manages more than $24 billion in investments, much of which belong to Soros himself.

The Climate Policy Initiative, a San Francisco-based organization, is the name of the policy and watchdog group, to which Soros will donate $10 million a year over the course of a decade. The group will attempt to influence policy in the U.S., Europe, China, India and Brazil, among other areas.

The Center for Clean Air Policy also has a group called the U.S. Climate Policy Initiative, which is not affiliated with the Soros group.

Thomas Heller, a professor at Stanford University Law School with expertise in energy law and regulation and environmental law, will head the Climate Policy Initiative.

Soros said he prefers an emissions tax over a cap-and-trade system, which he has said is vulnerable to market manipulation.


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