Promoting Clean Technologies ^ Forging Cross-Industry Collaboration

Vinod Khosla, Risk Junkie

In angel Investor, cleantech, Energy, entrepreneur, Environment, greentech, investment, Sustainable, Technology, Venture Capital on July 5, 2009 at 1:11 pm

Here’s a link to our segment where Khosla explains why he believes ethanol—not hybrids and plug ins—are the answer to getting us off oil for good and here’s a link to the broader segment we did where he rebuts all my arguments about why cleantech won’t be the next big driver of Valley returns. He says that “clearly” ten Googles will be created from this opportunity, because it’s not really about solar, wind or biofuels, it’s about totally re-architecting the infrastructure of society.

via Vinod Khosla, Risk Junkie.

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